A Guide to the Variety of Casino games
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A Guide to the Variety of Casino games

Online casinos have changed the gambling industry forever. When playing online, players can play thousands of different games. Everyone can find something to suit their taste, however, new players sometimes lack the knowledge to take their first steps in an online casino with confidence. Faced with such a wide choice, it is not easy to understand which of the games is the most suitable. If you too want to try your luck but are not sure where to start, keep reading this guide that will make your introduction to online casino games easier and more enjoyable.

Slot machine games

Slots are the most popular genre of online casino games. They are visually impressive, offer the chance to win huge prizes and are beginner friendly. Despite the fact that slot games are easy to get started with, even if you’ve never gambled before, there’s quite a lot of variety within the genre.

Classic slot machines

Classic slots are the simplest form of these types of games. These games have 3 to 5 reels with different symbols on each spin. The player’s goal is to spin the wheel so that the symbols line up. The values of the symbols differ and by spinning a line with special symbols the player wins the biggest prize. Classic slots are ideal for new players due to their simplicity. Players don’t have to worry about many different lines and other complicated features.

Multiline slot machines

When you’re ready to try something more complicated than the classic slots, you can move on to multi-line games. These types of games offer additional win lines, rewarding players not only when symbols are spun in a horizontal line, but also vertically, diagonally, and even in various broken lines. Thanks to this, these types of games pay out winnings more often. True, the winnings are usually much smaller than in games with fewer winning lines.

Jackpot slot machines

This type of slot machine offers the biggest winnings. Regular jackpot machines have a fixed win amount, sometimes thousands of times the bet per spin, that can be won by spinning a line with special symbols, but when playing progressive jackpot games, it is possible to win truly life-changing amounts. The winnings of progressive jackpot slots increase with each spin until someone is lucky enough to win it.

The most complex types of slot machines

The technology of online casino games is developing at a dizzying speed and if we wanted to take a detailed look at all types of slot machines, this guide would not have enough space for the rest of the casino games, so we decided to collect them under one sub-heading. Some of the more complex slot games include scatters, games where you can buy bonus spins, grid games and more. True, they are more complicated than classic and multiline games, so it is recommended for beginners to first gain experience with simpler games.

Board games

Table games are suitable for those players who want to enjoy a classic casino atmosphere by playing games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and other authentic games and their various variations. Their rules are more complicated than slot machine games, but the unique gaming experience is more than enough reward for those who have mastered them.

RNG board games

The outcome of RNG table games, just like slot games, is determined by a random number generator. Because of this, these types of table games do not require a dealer to run and can offer lower minimum bets. Another advantage of RNG table games is that players play them one at a time, which means there is no need to wait for other players to place their bets and make other decisions. Consequently, RNG board games are very fast.

Live casino games

Live casino games are held at real casino tables and are run by professional casino dealers and croupiers. Game progress is captured by high-definition cameras and streamed live to the player’s computer or smart device. Thanks to this game format, live casino games create a unique sense of presence. Players can communicate with dealers in live chat, which adds a bit of human touch to the game. It is true, however, that the minimum stakes of most live casino games are higher than those found at RNG gaming tables. It should also be taken into account that several players usually play at one live casino game table. This means that you may have to wait a bit for the other players to place their bets.

Find the game that suits your taste

Considering that every online casino has thousands of different games, you can be completely sure that there is a game that is perfect for you. Use the information in this guide to find it. Also keep in mind that free demo versions of almost all online casino games can be found online.

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