Online casino reviews offer a realistic portrayal of a casino, highlighting its essential aspects and parameters. Every casino review on Royal Casino 99 stores up-to-date, objective, and credible information based on a comprehensive set of criteria. For more than a decade, our extensive reviews of the best online casinos have helped players navigate through the world of online casinos with ease, allowing them to find reputable and trustworthy venues.
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How Online Casino Reviews Work

Online casino reviews offer a realistic portrayal of a casino, highlighting its essential aspects and parameters. Every casino review on Royal Casino 99 stores up-to-date, objective, and credible information based on a comprehensive set of criteria. For more than a decade, our extensive reviews of the best online casinos have helped players navigate through the world of online casinos with ease, allowing them to find reputable and trustworthy venues.

Benefits of Reading Casino Reviews

Before playing in an online casino, it is of utmost importance to have as many facts about said casino as possible. Reading a casino review beforehand will supply you with plenty of valuable information that will help you make a safer and more informed choice.

Not only do casino reviews list what kind of casino games and slots await you at a casino, but they also go into detail about the casino’s security, reputation, whether they have special safety and credibility certificates (e.g. our very own Certificate of Trust), and even shed light on important information regarding the payment methods accepted, processing and withdrawal times, deposit and withdrawal limits, and more.

Furthermore, casino reviews will focus on the casino’s customer support, whether live chat is available 24/7, if the staff is friendly and helpful, and what other ways to contact the casino exist. Having these facts about the casino’s customer support is vital as oftentimes you will have to contact them even if you are not experiencing any issues; for example, sometimes, in order to claim a promotion or an offer, your first step will be to contact the support and thus receive your bonus.

Finally, casino reviews are an excellent place to find the casino’s bonuses all in one place. From welcome bonuses to exclusive offers, our casino reviews are likely to have them listed.

Royal Casino 99 Criteria: How We Review Online Casinos

In the lines below, we will lay out key aspects of our online casino reviews and bring you closer to the process of putting together an earnest review you and your fellow players can rely on.


The most fundamental requirement for an online casino is to have a licence and is the first aspect we consider in our reviews. Regardless of the jurisdiction where a casino had obtained its licence, you will find that information in the first lines.

Territorial Availability

Knowing whether you can register at a casino from the country of your residence is crucial, which is why we always point our players to the countries and territories in which a casino isn’t legally allowed to operate.

Game Variance

Although players who visit our website are primarily interested in online slots, our section about available games details all types of entertainment a player can find at an online casino. This way, players have an overview of available games before signing up.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile gaming has seen a sharp rise in recent years, so we pay close attention to mobile optimization of an online casino, informing our players about the quality of mobile gaming and whether they will need to download additional software to play.


The availability of customer support is another essential aspect of online casinos, and each of our reviews brings a comprehensive overview of avenues to get in touch with a casino.


Last but certainly not least, we check the level of security a casino has put in place to protect players’ personal and financial data.

Other Criteria

Of course, there’s more to an online casino than we can squeeze into our written reviews. The rest of the information we deem important for players is listed under ‘Casino details’ and ‘More casino details’ tabs right below our reviews.

There, you can find exhaustive information about:

  • Software providers
  • Deposit methods
  • Withdrawal methods
  • Withdrawal times/limits
  • Affiliate program
  • Restricted
  • countries
  • Casino type
  • RTP
  • Currencies
  • Languages
  • Contact

Player Reviews and Ratings

Although experts’ opinions and thorough reviews of an online casino are the first steps to familiarizing yourself with a new casino, we believe players’ opinions are equally important.

Each casino reviewed by Royal Casino 99 is also reviewed by our faithful members, adding another layer of trustworthiness and impartiality to our reviews.

We believe that nothing is more valuable than experience from your fellow players, which is why we encourage our members to leave their reviews of the casinos listed on our website to round off the information provided by Royal Casino 99.

Browse Our Casino Reviews and Choose the Best Casino

Royal Casino 99 boasts one of the largest online casino directories in the world. Combining our expertise and players’ experience, we can offer the most accurate and up-to-date information about the best online casinos.

Browse through our collection of the best online casino reviews and pick the ones that meet your criteria.

How to Choose the Right Casino

Choosing the right casino might seem like a daunting task. However, if you follow our simple steps, you will realize that if you focus on the right details, you will learn how to choose the right casino in no time.

Read casino reviews carefully

Take the time to read casino reviews as that is the best way to get all the necessary facts before ever even registering at a casino.

Test the casino

if there is a free play option available, make sure to test the casino for yourself before depositing the money.

Check the country lock

ensure that the casino is available in your country of residence.

Explore the casino’s features and games –

check if the casino has all the features you need for optimized gameplay and if all the games you wish to play are included in the offer.

See which payment methods are available

Analyze the casino’s payment method options and check whether your deposit methods and withdrawal preferences are offered at the casino.


Q: Why are online casino reviews important?

A: Online casino reviews give you insight into what you can expect from an online casino in terms of gaming and bonus offers, security, banking, customer service, and responsible gambling tools. They also make comparing different casinos easier by highlighting the pros and cons.

Q: How does Royal Casino 99 review online casinos?

A: Royal Casino 99 casino reviews are written by our experts, who personally back up or challenge any claims put forward by the casino. We conduct field research by testing the games and the website, ensuring customer service is available at stated times, making sure terms and conditions are fair, etc.

Q: What are ‘closed’ casinos?

A: If a casino is labeled as closed on Royal Casino 99, it simply means it has ceased operations. This happens more often than you think and for various reasons. iGaming is quite a volatile industry, and staying afloat is more challenging than many would think.

Q: What is a ‘terminated’ casino?

A: Occasionally, online casinos we review go out of business and become qualified for our terminated casinos list. Sometimes, the termination is temporary due to technical issues, website redesign, maintenance, service improvement, rebranding, etc. Other times, termination is permanent, rendering the casino unavailable on Royal Casino 99.

Q: What do you mean by ‘blacklisting’ an online casino?

A: Even though we invest a great deal of effort into listing only trustworthy online casinos, every now and then, we put our trust into undeserving casinos. By blacklisting them, we advise our players to avoid these casinos as we cannot guarantee they will provide a safe experience for our players.

Q: Why trust the Royal Casino 99 casino reviews?

A: Because they are tailored according to our players’ needs, offering nothing less than up-to-date, objective, and accurate information. Apart from putting faith in our dedicated casino reviewers, we rely heavily on real player experiences to substantiate or refute our reviews, continuously improving their validity.


Online casino reviews play a crucial role in helping players make informed decisions when choosing an online casino. They provide valuable insights into various aspects of a casino, including games, security, customer support, and more. Royal Casino 99 offers comprehensive and objective reviews, backed by player experiences, to ensure players have access to accurate information. By leaving reviews and ratings, players can contribute to the improvement of CasinoRank and help fellow gamblers find the best online casinos. Browse through Royal Casino 99’s extensive collection of casino reviews and choose the one that meets your criteria to enhance your online gambling experience.

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